New Books

Better together
George, Kallie, author.
King & Kayla and the case of the lost tooth
Butler, Dori Hillestad, author.
My pillow keeps moving!
Gehl, Laura, author.
Shake the tree!
Vignocchi, Chiara, 1982- author.
Seeing into tomorrow : haiku by Richard Wright
Wright, Richard, 1908-1960, author.
The forever garden
Snyder, Laurel, author.
Poison : a novel
Lescroart, John T, author.
The expectant father : the ultimate guide for dads-to-be
Brott, Armin A.
The gate keeper : an Inspector Ian Rutledge mystery
Todd, Charles, author.
Beautiful days : stories
Oates, Joyce Carol, 1938- author.
This fallen prey : a Rockton novel
Armstrong, Kelley, author.
Look for me : a novel
Gardner, Lisa, author.
The deceivers
Berenson, Alex, author.
Fall from grace : a novel
Steel, Danielle, author.
Dark in death
Robb, J. D., 1950- author.
Growing up Pedro
Tavares, Matt, author.
The poet upstairs
Cofer, Judith Ortiz, 1952-
Into no man's land : the journal of Patrick Seamus Flaherty, United States Marine Corps
White, Ellen Emerson.
I want that nut!
Valentine, Madeline, author.
Con cariño, Amalia
Ada, Alma Flor.
Beatrice Zinker, upside down thinker
Johannes, Shelley, author, illustrator.
Bruce's big move
Higgins, Ryan T., author, illustrator.
Rafi and Rosi : pirates!
Delacre, Lulu, author, illustrator.
Rabbit & Robot and Ribbit
Bell, Cece, author, illustrator.
Go, Otto, go!
Milgrim, David, author, illustrator.
I have a balloon
Bernstein, Ariel, author.
Never trust a tiger : a story from Korea
Don, Lari.
Witchcraft in Salem
Stern, Steven L.
The German girl
Correa, Armando Lucas, 1959- author.
La niña alemana : novela
Correa, Armando Lucas, 1959- author.
Thirsty, thirsty elephants
Markle, Sandra, author.
A perfect day
Smith, Lane, author, illustrator.
3, 2, 1, go!
McCully, Emily Arnold, author, illustrator.
7 ate 9 : the untold story
Lazar, Tara, author.
My awesome summer : by P. Mantis
Meisel, Paul.
Making scents
Yorinks, Arthur, author.
Neymar : the making of Barcelona's Samba sensation
Caioli, L. (Luca), 1958-
Rey Mysterio : high-flying luchador
Raatma, Lucia, author.
Betty's burgled bakery
Nichols, Travis, author, illustrator.
Tsurumi, Andrea, author.
The littlest train
Gall, Chris, author, illustrator.
Somewhere else
Gordon, Gus, 1971- author, illustrator.
Who gives a hoot?
Kelly, Jacqueline, author.
Take a picture of me, James VanDerZee!
Loney, Andrea J., author.
Death by chocolate cherry cheesecake
Graves, Sarah, 1951- author.
Black, Lisa, 1963- author.
All that glitters
Palmer, Diana, author.
Act of revenge : a novel
Brown, Dale, 1956- author.
The wife : a novel of psychological suspense
Burke, Alafair, author.
The great alone
Hannah, Kristin, author.
Still me
Moyes, Jojo, 1969- author.
Nadia : the girl who couldn't sit still
Gray, Karlin, author.
Hiaasen, Carl.
Double or nothing : with the two and only Kelly twins
Hurwitz, Johanna, author.
Sea change
Viva, Frank, author, illustrator.
Mr. Putter & Tabby hit the slope
Rylant, Cynthia, author.
King & Kayla and the case of the missing dog treats
Butler, Dori Hillestad, author.
Noodleheads see the future
Arnold, Tedd, author, illustrator.
Rhino in the house : the true story of saving Samia
Kirk, Daniel, author.
Home in the rain
Graham, Bob, 1942- author, illustrator.
Animals by the numbers : a book of infographics
Jenkins, Steve, 1952- author.
Lesser spotted animals : the coolest creatures you've never heard of
Brown, Martin, 1959- author, illustrator.
Bob and Tom
Cazet, Denys, author, illustrator.
How this book was made : based on a true story
Barnett, Mac, author.
Big cat, little cat
Cooper, Elisha, author, illustrator.
Snail & Worm again
Kügler, Tina, author, illustrator.
Lola planta un jardín
McQuinn, Anna, author.
Martina, una cucarachita muy linda : un cuento cubano
Deedy, Carmen Agra.
Vanilla ice cream
Graham, Bob, 1942- author.
The quiet place
Stewart, Sarah, 1939-
Muchas, muchísimas rayas de cebra = Lots and lots of zebra stripes
Swinburne, Stephen R.
Lillian's right to vote : a celebration of the Voting Rights Act of 1965
Winter, Jonah, 1962- author.
You are weird : your body's peculiar parts and funny functions
Swanson, Diane, 1944-
Tamalitos : un poema para cocinar
Argueta, Jorge.
Chirchir is singing
Cunnane, Kelly.
Georgia in Hawaii : when Georgia O'Keeffe painted what she pleased
Novesky, Amy.
Captain Cat
Moore, Inga, author, illustrator.
The potato king
Niemann, Christoph, author, illustrator.
Beetle busters : a rogue insect and the people who track it
Burns, Loree Griffin, author.
The extraordinary music of Mr. Ives : the true story of a famous American composer
Stanbridge, Joanne, 1960-
Amor y pollo asado : un cuento andino de enredos y engaños
Knutson, Barbara.
Lupe Vargas and her super best friend
Costales, A., (Amy), 1974-
The day Roy Riegels ran the wrong way
Gutman, Dan.
Bill the boy wonder : the secret co-creator of Batman
Nobleman, Marc Tyler.
Tricky Vic : the impossibly true story of the man who sold the Eiffel Tower
Pizzoli, Greg, author, illustrator.
Un sillón para siempre = a chair for always
Williams, Vera B.
Snow white = Blancanieves
Desclot, Miquel, 1952-
The goose man : the story of Konrad Lorenz
Greenstein, Elaine.
Abigail spells
Alter, Anna, 1974-
Olinguito, de la A a la Z! : descubriendo el bosque nublado = Olinguito, from A to Z! : unveiling the cloud forest
Delacre, Lulu, author.
Game changer : John McLendon and the secret game
Coy, John, 1958- author.
Dancing to freedom : the true story of Mao's last dancer
Li, Cunxin, 1961-
Gertrude is Gertrude is Gertrude is Gertrude
Winter, Jonah.
How to share with a bear
Pinder, Eric, 1970- author.
Cuentos que contaban nuestras abuelas : cuentos populares hispánicos
Campoy, F. Isabel.
Marisol McDonald and the monster = Marisol McDonald y el monstruo
Brown, Monica, 1969- author.
The storyteller
Turk, Evan, author, illustrator.
Rain school
Rumford, James, 1948-
The fantastic jungles of Henri Rousseau
Markel, Michelle.
El tigre de Tasmania
Riehecky, Janet, 1953-
The boy and the airplane
Pett, Mark, author.
El violin de Ada : la historia de la Orquesta de Instrumentos Reciclados del Paraguay
Hood, Susan, 1954- author.
A chicken followed me home : questions and answers about a familiar fowl
Page, Robin, 1957- author, illustrator.
Boy wonders
Brown, Calef.
Pemba Sherpa
Cossi, Olga.
The hula-hoopin' queen
Godin, Thelma Lynne, author.
Talkin' guitar : a story of young Doc Watson
Gourley, Robbin, author, illustrator.
This bridge will not be gray
Eggers, Dave, author.
Draw what you see : the life and art of Benny Andrews
Benson, Kathleen, author.
Lion, lion
Busch, Miriam, author.
After the kill
Lunde, Darrin P.
Stories from Bug Garden
Moser, Lisa, author.
I'm cool!
McMullan, Kate, author.
Tía Isa quiere un carro
Medina, Meg.
What can you do with a rebozo?
Tafolla, Carmen, 1951-
Three bears in a boat
Soman, David, author, illustrator.
Good dream, bad dream : the world's heroes save the night!
Calle, Juan, 1977- author.
Anna & Solomon
Snyder, Elaine, author.
Hana Hashimoto, sixth violin
Uegaki, Chieri, author.
Charley's first night
Hest, Amy.
What's the buzz? : keeping bees in flight
Wilcox, Merrie-Ellen, author.
Cool stuff to photograph
Turnbull, Stephanie, author.
In the belly of an ox : the unexpected photographic adventures of Richard and Cherry Kearton
Bond, Rebecca, 1972-
I am René, the boy
Colato Laínez, René.
In the canyon
Scanlon, Elizabeth Garton, author.
The market bowl
Averbeck, Jim.
Inside the bones
Halvorson, Karin, 1979- author.
El p~á~jaro del terror
Lindeen, Carol, 1976-
Vaughn, Inés.
Cool knitting for kids : a fun and creative introduction to fiber art
Kuskowski, Alex, author.
The Pied Piper = El flautista de Hamelín
Cela, Jaume, 1949-
Try this : 50 fun experiments for the mad scientist in you
Young, Karen Romano, author.
Ben draws trouble
Davies, Matt, (Matthew Keiland Parry), 1966- author, illustrator.
Palazzo Inverso
Johnson, D. B., (Donald B.), 1944-
Bodden, Valerie, author.
Sopa de frijoles : un poema para cocinar
Argueta, Jorge.
Pictures of America
Robertson, J. Jean, author.
Emily's blue period
Daly, Cathleen, author.
Coretta Scott King
Krull, Kathleen, author.
Bravo, Tavo!
Meunier, Brian.
La gallinita de la pradera
Hopkins, Jackie, author.
Otter and odder
Howe, James, 1946-
The silver button
Graham, Bob, author, illustrator.
Henry's heart : a boy, his heart, and a new best friend
Harper, Charise Mericle.
Pippo the Fool
Fern, Tracey E.
A hat for Mrs. Goldman : a story about knitting and love
Edwards, Michelle, author.
Louisa : the life of Louisa May Alcott
McDonough, Yona Zeldis.
The Anne Frank case : Simon Wiesenthal's search for the truth
Rubin, Susan Goldman.
Learn about money
Reina, Mary, author.
Sky blue accident
Luján, Jorge.
Two friends : Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass
Robbins, Dean, 1957- author.
Red kite, blue kite
Jiang, Ji-li.
Baker, Jeannie, author.
Elvis : the story of the rock and roll King
Christensen, Bonnie, author.
The love letters of Abelard and Lily
Creedle, Laura, author.
The cruel prince
Black, Holly, author.
Death at Nuremberg : a clandestine operations novel
Griffin, W. E. B., author.
Outlander : a novel
Gabaldon, Diana.
Fools and mortals : a novel
Cornwell, Bernard, author.
Shroud of eternity
Goodkind, Terry, author.
Operator down : a Pike Logan thriller
Taylor, Brad, 1965- author.
The take
Reich, Christopher, 1961- author.
City of endless night : a Pendergast novel
Preston, Douglas J, author.
Robicheaux : a novel
Burke, James Lee, 1936- author.
Promise not to tell
Krentz, Jayne Ann, author.
Blood fury : Black Dagger legacy
Ward, J. R., 1969- author.
Unbound : a Stone Barrington novel
Woods, Stuart, author.